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Technical Documents and Discussion Papers

File Name Size (Kb) Link
Accuracy of Quoting Times and Handicap Values 199 Download
Across Group (Division) Handicapping 163 Download
Adding Databases to the TopYacht Registry 182 Download
Auto-adjusting Handicaps ~ Whats best for my Club 225 Download
Back-up to a Secondary Storage 173 Download
Changes to Laser Names in TopYacht 163 Download
Convert Pursuit race to TCF race 153 Download
Copyright Notice 103 Download
Create a Season Folder with Site Manager 188 Download
Create a csv File to Import Competitors 335 Download
Create a csv File to Import Finish Times 713 Download
Data Management and Disaster Recovery 168 Download
Deriving the URL for a Results Web Page 722 Download
Different Lap Racing on a Fixed Course 160 Download
Different Laps for Different Competitors 174 Download
Displaying Country-of-Origin Flag Images on Internet Results Pages 179 Download
Entering Finish Times 978 Download
Establishing Sensible Starting Handicap for a Regatta or New Season 966 Download
Excel ~ Importing Telephone Numbers 122 Download
Handicap Drift Over a Season ~ Detecting it and Correcting it 228 Download
Handicap Normalisation in TopYacht 173 Download
Handicap Progression in TopYacht 184 Download
Handicapping ~ Two Less Desirable Handicapping Methods 206 Download
Handling Incomplete or Unstarted Races 175 Download
Header ~ Footer Image Management 861 Download
How the Next Handicap is Calculated 323 Download
Import Competitors from a csv File 1456 Download
Integrating a Sprint Series into a Main Series ~ a Suggested Method 999 Download
Managing Class-Based Handicaps (CBH) and One-Of-A-Kind (OAK) 705 Download
Measured Performance Handicapping 922 Download
Moving TopYacht to another computer 456 Download
OTB Handicap Results From TopYacht 169 Download
PHS Handicapping ~ A Sailors Guide 203 Download
Pursuit Races Using TopYacht 587 Download
RRS A5 3 DNC ~ Late Entrants Definition Issues 296 Download
Race 4s Results are in Race 3s Slot 204 Download
Re-processing an Old Race the Implications 195 Download
Remove a Series from the Internet Site 117 Download
Scoring and Penalties 1960 Download
Secure FTP and TopYacht 171 Download
Selectively Import Classes from a csv File or TES 165 Download
Series Scores with Hash Characters 212 Download
Series Places from one Series as a Race Place in another Series 823 Download
Show Bio Links 179 Download
Single person multiple boats in TopYacht Off The Beach 250 Download
Stop Watch Handling Duplicates 151 Download
TY ~ Selecting Site-Manager Site Templates 138 Download
Team Score in TopYacht 1135 Download
Terms and Definitions Used in TopYacht (Jargon) 192 Download
TopYacht Database Reset 666 Download
TopYacht Scoring Abreviations 483 Download
TopYacht Web Times Users Guide 666 Download
TopYacht ~ CBH to Yardstick Conversion 783 Download
TopYacht ~ Changing Rigs (Class) 891 Download
TopYacht ~ Display Crew Names on Results 744 Download
TopYacht ~ Enter Existing Competitors into Series with Handicaps from Another Series 216 Download
TopYacht ~ Match Racing 715 Download
TopYacht ~ OnWater and WebTimes URL Summary 158 Download
TopYacht ~ Populate Note Fields 546 Download
TopYacht ~ Pursuit Race Offset Time Display Management 790 Download
TopYacht ~ Recording Grand Prix Finishers 157 Download
TopYacht ~ Regatta Mode vs Club Series Mode 620 Download
TopYacht ~ The “EntUp” Process 407 Download
TopYacht Race Setup Scenarios 147 Download
Use Pursuit Race Elapsed Times in a TCF Series 166 Download
Using Site Manager to Upload to multiple Web-sites 267 Download
Using TopYacht with Places rather than Times 290 Download
What Do You Want Your Handicap System to do 119 Download
Why CHC values from Previous Race are NOT the AHC of the Current One 939 Download
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