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Event Management Documents and Printable Blank Forms

Colours in brackets indicate TopYacht Recomended Paper Colour for Printing.

File Name Size (Kb) Link
Add Race Committee to an Event for SMS Messaging 164 Download
Boat Over Log (Form) 154 Download
Changes Log 120 Download
Cheat sheet for TopYacht WebTimes on the finish boat 779 Download
Copyright Notice 103 Download
Course Laying With a GPS 299 Download
Crew Options for Keelboat Racing 142 Download
Finish Sheet (Form) (Pale Blue Pale Green) 177 Download
Finish Times ~ Self Serve 194 Download
FormsGivenOut-10 173 Download
Funny Sail Numbers (Form) 157 Download
Getting Fast and Accurate Results at a Regatta 290 Download
Grand Prix Finishing 147 Download
In Stopwatch the Sail Numbers are Not Matched ~ Why 266 Download
Job Descriptions For The Results Team 219 Download
Mark Rounding Sheet (Form) 157 Download
OCS Sheet (Form) (Bright Red) 132 Download
Offshore Crew vs Race Crew 112 Download
On Water Team Checklist 614 Download
OnWater ~ Change Sail Numbers on the Fly 211 Download
Practical Sailing Event Management Tips 232 Download
Producing Multiple Results for a Boat 188 Download
Producing Results for the Average Club 185 Download
Protest Log (Form) 152 Download
Pursuit Races Using TopYacht 373 Download
Race Set Up 187 Download
Reconciling the TES Plastic Card Payment Spreadsheet 115 Download
Request For Information (Form) (Pale Green) 161 Download
Request For Review Of Results (Form) (Pale Pink) 165 Download
Request review of Handicap Form 121 Download
Request to Change Crew (Form) (Pale Yellow) 170 Download
Request to Change Sail Number(Form)(Pale Yellow) 518 Download
Results Change Log (Form)(Bright Orange) 164 Download
Retirement Sheet (Form) (Bright Orange) 152 Download
Sails On Water 169 Download
Sign-On 162 Download
Start Log (Form) (Bright Orange) 175 Download
TES ~ Handling Bow Numbers 821 Download
TES ~ Intention 2 Race 298 Download
TES ~ Set Event SMS Number 633 Download
TopYacht Database Integrity ~ Suggestions 184 Download
TopYacht Quick Start Guide for Regattas 202 Download
TopYacht in a Nut-Shell 227 Download
TopYacht ~ Duplicate Sail Numbers 126 Download
Using Top Yacht at an Event 784 Download
WebTimes Users Guide 568 Download
WebTimes to Results on the Web a How-To 1331 Download
WebTimes ~ One Division has had its Course Shortened 654 Download
WebTimes ~ Sharing Finish Times 835 Download
Wind Data Log (Form) (Bright Yellow) 173 Download
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