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Glenn Yates Cup 2021

Hosted By Wangi RSL Amateur Sailing Club


Updated:  1/2/2021  9:49:30 AM

Start : 13:00
Sail No Boat Name First Name Last Name From Note
AUS15 Staccato David Clark CYCA NSW
AUS688 Shakey James Pagett DSC NSW
AUS702 Fat dog James Henderson WASC NSW
AUS708 Green Eggs and Ham Kelvin Holdt SYC QLD
AUS724 Itchy Ritchy Richard Howard B16SSC NSW
AUS732 Barely David Haseldine DSC NSW
AUS734 Cracked Pepper Blake Russell DSC NSW
AUS736 Phantom Michael Walker DSC NSW
AUS753 Aus753 Bruce Schofield WASC NSW
AUS759 Shades of Gray Erik Thompson SYC QLD
AUS760 Voodoo Child Steve Wyatt DSC NSW
AUS764 Ice Ice Baby Nick Gray CSC NSW
AUS772 Nanni Steven Shale SYC QLD
AUS774 Smokin' Hot Peter Robinson DSC NSW
AUS776 Space Monkey Grant Wakefield DSC NSW
AUS778 Jimmy Wong James Bevis WSC NSW
AUS779 Slippery Wen Wet John Condie "WSC DSC"
AUS781 Lion Andrew Thyrd DSC NSW
AUS784 Toxic Paul Foster SLMASC NSW
AUS785 Bella Anthony Galante RQYS QLD
AUS788 Pale Rider Jim Dwyer DSC NSW
AUS790 JAB Mark Skelton WASC NSW
AUS791 Pretty Fly Tim Davies WASC NSW
AUS792 Houdini Steven Humphris SYC QLD
AUS798 Holy Guacamole Gareth Wells WASC NSW

Results by : TopYacht

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