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Senior Aggregate 2020-21

Hosted By Royal Yacht Club Of Victoria

Updated:  8/02/2021  9:33:34 AM

Start : 14:10
Sail No Boat Name First Name Last Name Class Cas?
113 THE FLYING PIG Ishka Prescott 29er  
466 KAOS RACING Madeline Scambaryspelle 29er  
615 DUTCH COURAGE Duncan Rae 14ftSkiff  
1498 FUNKY MONKEY Marty Meldon RS200  
37468 SPECTRE Oliver Grieve Laser  
185380 HIGH EXPECTATIONS Martin Speller Laser  
AUS644 CHALLENGER14 Andrew King 14ftSkiff  
AUS656 Too late to stop now Ben Strong 14ftSkiff Y
AUS665 ARGO XVI Stewart Vickery 14ftSkiff Y
AUS666 THE HEDGEHOG Chris Vaughan 14ftSkiff Y
AUS667 GINGERNUT Joel Matthews 14ftSkiff  
AUS679 STICKY FINGERS Mark Krstic 14ftSkiff Y

Results by : TopYacht

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